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Assignment Pack Application

Please complete the below information to submit an assignment pack (pre-sales pack) request for a Camden leasehold property. You will need your credit or debit card available as you will be asked to pay a fee of £200.00 as part of this process. All fields marked with * must be completed.

Once you have submitted your request, your assignment pack will be dispatched within 15 working days.

* Your details:

[It is usually the conveyancing solicitor that applies for an assignment pack on behalf of the leaseholder. Only the seller, not the buyer, may request an assignment pack]

If there are any documents you would like to include with a request, please upload them here.
Maximum number of files: 3
Maximum file size: Up to 3MB or 3072KB per file
Valid file formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx

exceeds 3 MB. Please select a smaller file.