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Royal National Throat Nose And Ear Hospital 330 Gray's Inn Road London WC1X 8BZ (2023/0904/P)

New application (Mar 3 2023) - Variation or Removal of Condition(s)

Variation of Condition 2 (Approved Plans), 18 ( Cycle Secure & Covered Parking), 31 (Gym House of Operation), 41 (SuDS), and 54 (External Amenity Space Details for Swinton Street Flats) of planning permission ref 2020/5593/P dated 20/07/22 for the redevelopment of the former Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital site, comprising: Retention of 330 Gray's Inn Road and a two-storey extension above for use as hotel (5 above ground storeys in total), demolition of all other buildings, the erection of a part 13-part 9 storey building plus upper and lower ground floors (maximum height of 15 storeys) for use as a hotel (including a cafe and restaurant); covered courtyard; external terraces; erection of a 7-storey building plus upper and lower ground floors maximum height of 9 storeys) for use as office together with terraces; erection of a 10 storey building plus upper and lower ground floors (maximum height of 12 storeys) for use as residential on Wicklow Street and office and/or provision of education space at lower ground and basement floors; erection of a 5 storey building plus upper and lower ground floors (maximum height of 7 storeys) for use as residential on Swinton Street and associated residential amenity space; together with a gymnasium; new basement; rooftop and basement plant; servicing; cycle storage and facilities; refuse storage; landscaping and other ancillary and associated works.' NAMELY to enable amendments to the approved drawings list to enable an uplift in office/labs floorspace, a reduction in affordable workspace, amendments to the landscape design of the residential garden, revised entrances on Wicklow Street, the new loading bay on Wicklow Street, reconfiguration at basement level of the office/labs building, increased cycle parking provision, and additional basement levels, reconfiguration of the roof level plant and enclosures, the addition of flues in addition to other associated works.